Tenant relocation due to mold

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San Francisco Mold Infestations Attorneys. We provide representation in lawsuits on behalf of tenants who have been forced out of their rent-controlled homes due to mold. Mold infestations can have serious consequences for tenants. Prolonged mold exposure can lead to a variety of health problems for tenants. These include throat/eye irritation.

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Renters. Mold problems in buildings are a result of water and moisture problems. Renters need to operate the heating and ventilation systems to reduce water condensation. Renters need to notify landlords promptly, in writing, of any water leaks or moisture problems. If there is a water leak or moisture problem, it should be fixed by the landlord.

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California law guarantees tenants habitable conditions when they rent or lease from a landlord. It is possible, due to the conditions of the rented unit, — December 28, 2018. ... but if the small leak creates a situation in which the unit is overgrown with a toxic mold, that would be considered uninhabitable.

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"Application fee" means any nonrefundable fee that is paid by a tenant to a landlord or managing agent for the purpose of being considered as a tenant for a dwelling unit. "Assignment" means the transfer by any tenant of all interests created by a rental agreement. "Authorized occupant" means a person entitled to occupy a dwelling unit with the.

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